Dance and Yoga are becoming increasingly popular – by incorporating these weekly sessions in your Early Years Setting, children are able to reap the many benefits these creative arts have to offer. All the while helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Through the perfect blend of dance technique and creative exercises, these fun and very rewarding classes are designed to develop children's physical, movement and creative skills.

Drawing upon children’s intrinsic enthusiasm for movement, we will work through lots of fun and inspiring movements, encouraging children to gain a deeper awareness of their body and the space around them.



Our inspiring Yoga classes focus on posture, breathing and relaxation techniques woven together with themes, music and props.

Each session brings a new adventure. From discovering the deep jungle to a trip back in time to the stone age, we will become warriors and sing with the lions and cobras, exploring the moves as we go!



Every nursery and pre-school setting is different, we understand this and currently operate in several ways to match individual setting requirements. Below are some of the different ways in which our services are currently being delivered in various Early Years Settings: 


Session provided by Nursery/ Pre-School:
To ensure children receive the very best learning outcomes and experience we ask that a maximum of 16 children participate in any one session.
For this reason we find most nurseries with 16+ children book a 1hour slot which is split into 2 x 30minute sessions to allow for all children in the room to participate.
For nurseries who have 16 children or less we offer slots of 40minutes.

1hour weekly session £29
1hour fortnightly session £36

Session paid for by parents/guardians: Some settings provide parents with optional extra-curricular activities which parents can opt for their children to do. These sessions usually take place in a spare room within the nursery. Sessions are 40minutes and charged at £5 per child. These classes are limited to a maximum of 8 children per session to ensure ratio and health and safety. Please note this option is only provided for children at pre-school age.


We would like to offer both dance and yoga, can we have alternating weeks?

Yes, we do at present offer setting the choice of alternating between children's dance and Kids yoga each week.

How many children can take part in your sessions?

We ask that there are no more than 16 children in any one session. We find most nurseries tend to book the 1hour slot and split it into two half hour sessions. This way 16 children participate in the first half hour followed by the other children in the second half hour.

Can we have fortnightly sessions or do they have to be weekly?

We do give priority to those who book weekly sessions. It therefore depends on our availability at the time on whether we can offer you fortnightly sessions. Please do get in touch with us and we can provide you with further information and on our availability.

Can you provide a dance or yoga session on a theme/story of our choice?

Of course! We are happy to deliver a dance or yoga session on a chosen theme by you. All we ask is that you do provide us with some notice so we can create the story and adventure to the best of our abilities.

We don't have a spare room in our nursery, what are your suggestions on how your sessions may work?

Only around half of the settings we teach at have a spare room, other nurseries tend to take half of the children outside why the other half participate in the session. They then switch over. During the summer some nurseries like to hold our dance and yoga sessions outside too, weather permitting of course!