Proven to be one our most popular services within schools, are our range of extra-curricular school activities. ​ We currently offer DANCE, MUSICAL THEATRE & YOGA. Many different dance styles can be offered from classical ballet to street dance.

Before and after school yoga clubs are available. Please get in touch for more details regarding our great selection of activities currently available.

Classes are 45minutes long and run throughout the term time. To ensure the safety and quality of each class a maximum of 10-12 children are able to participate in each club offered (dependent on age)

Dependent on location. Please get in touch to find out prices for your school's area. Full term commitment is required.

All lesson plans are carefully designed to ensure a dynamic and inclusive lesson is provided, catering for all students and abilities.

We are happy to provide lesson plans to teachers and offer progress reports on a termly basis. Through our collaboration with your school and teachers we can also incorporate cross-curricular links with any themes or topics you may be covering in other lessons.

CoCreate Academy currently delivers a range of  YOGA, DANCE and ZUMBA FITNESS lessons in line with the national curriculum.

Many schools have also utilised our Physical Education services to help prepare for upcoming shows and competitions. Our dance and performing art instructors are well equipped with the experience and knowledge to choreograph shows and help with any production ideas you may have. 

1 x one hour weekly session  = £34
2 or more, one hour sessions per week = £29
Full term commitment is required. One off sessions can be arranged subject to availability.



Our interactive dance workshops offer a dynamic approach to a range of topics explored in both the EYFS and Key Stage 1 + 2 curriculum. With a variety of dance styles to offer your school we can help you provide a creative and artistic approach in which all of your students can get involved.


Our dance workshops and dance days are an excellent way to explore any worldwide dance, term topics or cultural celebration. Students will be provided with a creative environment where new learning opportunities and movement experiences can take place. Below are some of our popular experiences on offer:


  • Traditional dance

  • Egyptian dance

  • African dance

  • Haka/Aboriginal

  • Street/Hip Hop 


We can structure our dance days in several different ways to fit around your schools timetable and requirements. Whether you wish for one year group to participate, a few, or even the whole school we create a schedule to suit you. 
Our team have many years of teaching dance, both in educational and non educational settings. We are able to adapt each workshop and provide support to every individual regardless of their ability or age. 
All schools are provided with direct contact from our team to help build the ideal dance day/ workshop for you. Teachers and staff will also be provided with our detailed lesson plans and learning outcomes for their pupils. 

2021 Prices: Price varies dependent on location and length required. Please enquire for further details and bookings


Julie Edwardson, Year 6 Teacher - Westfield School

Rebecca has worked in our school for 2.5 years with all year groups from Nursery to Year 6. Her lessons are always well planned, engaging and linked to our curriculum areas of study. The children eagerly look forward to their dance lesson and frequently comment that it was the highlight of their week. We can clearly see the improvement, week on week, not only of the development of the children's dance skills, but also their ability to work as part of a team, their determination, and their confidence.