Baby Massage

What is Baby Massage and what do classes involve?

Classes will be over a 5 week course and each week we will focus on a new body part, gradually building up to massaging the whole of your baby's body.

These classes will also include time for you to meet other parents, share information and have a chat over some tea/coffee and biscuits (all provided).


Take a look at just some of the many benefits baby massage has:

  • Relieves wind, colic and constipation

  • Helps to stimulate your baby's circulation, digestion and respiration.

  • Encourages a deeper sleep and promotes regular sleep patterns.

  • Provides relief (growing pains, teething and excess mucus.)

  • Bonding (parent-baby communication and positive touch)

    Our Baby Massage 5 week course costs £46. 
    Within this price you will receive:

  • 5 x 1 hour classes - 40minutes of baby massage & 20minutes of social stay and play.

  • A bottle of organic coconut massage oil.

  • ​Illustrated baby massage handout booklet

  • A selection of Teas/coffee and biscuits.

  • 10% off for our 5 week baby yoga course 


Baby Yoga


What is Baby Yoga & what will we do in these classes?

Baby yoga involves specially devised stretch and movement sequences, not only for your baby but for you too.

During these classes you will learn a series of structured baby yoga moves to help nurture and promote your baby's health & development.

Classes will offer gentle stretches, movements and breathing techniques for parents and carers; a great way to help relieve any tightness, tension and build your body's strength and tone. Baby massage and sensory will also be used.

What are the benefits of Baby Yoga?


  • Baby yoga can help parents to relax, re-centre and de-stress; all useful skills for new parents, especially when you're running on empty! 

  • Helps babies to relieve any indigestion, trapped wind, colic and constipation.

  • Promotes positive touch!

  • Provides you with a supportive environment where parents can interact socially and make new friends.

    How much are classes, and what's Included?
    You can book a block of 5 classes for just £42 or drop in classes are charged at £10.

    Classes includes:​​

  • 1hour class - 40minutes of baby yoga & 20minutes of social stay and play.

  • ​Handouts on baby yoga information and movement details.

  • A selection of Teas/coffee and biscuits.


What to bring to baby massage and yoga classes?

Baby Massage - You will need a small baby blanket and a towel, along with the usual baby essentials such as nappies and wipes etc.
Padded mats will be provided which you can then pop your own baby blanket on. 

Baby Yoga - Yoga mats will be provided however you can bring your own if you wish.  You will also need a small baby blanket.


What if my baby needs feeding, a nappy change or sleep?

It doesn't matter if your baby cries, needs feeding, is asleep or needs a nappy change during the class - these things will happen and are perfectly normal!

Each week we will recap on the previous lesson and ensure everyone is comfortable before moving on. Parents on both the baby massage and baby yoga course will receive illustrated handouts to help them practice at home.

What if my baby has just been fed before the class?

Baby massage and yoga shouldn't be practiced on a full tummy, you should wait at least 30-40 minutes after feeding. Of course you can't always time your baby's feeds and that is absolutely okay, your baby's needs come first! If your baby has had a feed just before/during the class then we will have to leave tummy strokes and some yoga moves for another time. There are still plenty of things we can practice though.

What if I arrive and my baby is asleep?

If you arrive and your baby is asleep, please don't worry. it is best not to wake your baby and allow him/her to wake naturally.

There will be a spare demonstration doll at hand so whilst waiting for your little one to wake up, you can still join in the class and learn everything for when your baby is awake.

Are these classes for all babies? Medical condition/ Additional needs.

Yes. Regardless of any medical or additional needs that your baby may have, touch and communication is important!
Our classes can support everyone although we do recommend that parents speak to their GP's to ensure that any medical needs are addressed before attending.

Get in touch with Rebecca to see how these classes can support you and your baby.


Upcoming Classes...

Baby Massage  (5 week course)
Monday 6th June - Monday 4th July 2022

Bradford-on-Tone Village Hall, TA4 1HG


Monday 5th September - Monday 3rd October 2022

Bradford-on-Tone Village Hall, TA4 1HG


Baby Yoga Classes
Monday 6th June - Monday 4th July 2022

Bradford-on-Tone Village Hall, TA4 1HG
Single class £9  or,  5 week booking £42


Monday 5th September - Monday 3rd October 2022

Bradford-on-Tone Village Hall, TA4 1HG
Single class £9  or,  5 week booking £42


Song & Sensory (Under 5's)

Stogumber Village Hall, TA4 3TG
Single class £5
Block bookings £4.50

All classes have 8 spaces available. Early booking is advised. If you have any
questions at all please fee free to contact Rebecca on 07484887489

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